Land Transaction: COLONIAL CENTER


Shopping Center Transaction: NORTHRIDGE PUBLIX


Shopping Center Transaction: METRO CENTRE


Land Transaction: RIVER HALL


Residential Development Transaction: THE LANDINGS


Shopping Center Transaction: SHOPS AT SANTA BARBARA


Shopping Center Transaction: GULF PLAZA

Private Equity Group’s seasoned management team is our most valuable asset.

It is management’s clear vision and forward thinking that has propelled us to achieve superior returns.

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Our partners have a 26-year track record of real estate investments. In the most recent decade, the company has completed more than $1 billion in real estate transactions.

Private Equity Group is a private equity fund based in Fort Myers, Florida. The Company is the result of a legacy of investments dating back to 1985. The company directs equity investments in land, operating businesses, land development, commercial property and residential master planned communities.

Under the umbrella of Private Equity Group is a comprehensive portfolio of companies that successfully manage the investments.

Our Mission Statement – Our Primary Investment objective is growth of net worth value through the long term capital appreciation of assets and the long term growth of predictable cash flow.

PEG Apartments, LLC
PEG Ventures, LLC
PEG Development, LLC
PEG Wealth Management, LLC