Private Equity Group announces the reorganization of the company’s operations focusing on its core activities to drive long-term growth. Private Equity Group is a private equity fund resulting from a legacy of investments dating back to 1985. The company directs equity investments in land acquisition, operating businesses and real estate development in residential and commercial sectors. Led by Founder O.J. Buigas and Chairman Howard M. Baum, Private Equity Group restructured the company to streamline management of acquisitions and assets and created three new companies: PEG Development, LLC; PEG Ventures, LLC; and PEG Wealth Management, LLC.

Led by President Donald R. Schrotenboer and Vice-President Gregory M. Morris, PEG Development, LLC oversees research, acquisition and management of real estate transactions for Private Equity Group. PEG Ventures, LLC oversees the acquisition and management of operating businesses for Private Equity Group and is led President Bruce C. Russell and Vice-President Andrew A. Bokan, Esq. PEG Wealth Management, LLC, led by President Carol Douglas, manages the overall health and management of investment portfolios for PEG Development, LLC and PEG Ventures, LLC. The team includes Vice-President Amanda M. Bokan and Vice-President Michelle A. Preiss.

Since the company’s inception in 1985, Private Equity Group has been involved in the acquisition of some of the largest real estate portfolios developing more than 14,000 acres in Florida. The company has completed more than $2 billion in transactional business and built more than 8,000 residential homes and 16 shopping centers with more than one million square feet of leasing space. Led by Chief Executive Officer OJ Buigas, Private Equity Group, LLC family of companies includes PEG Development, LLC; PEG Ventures, LLC; and PEG Wealth Management, LLC. For more information, call 239-590-9066 or visit