Executive Team

Bruce C. Russell

President – PEG Ventures, LLC

Bruce Russell
St. John Fisher College — B.S. Business Administration, M.B.A. in Finance
31 years of national and international manufacturing, distribution and retail industry experience including:
• CEO for national retail and distribution companies
• CFO for $120 million international manufacturing company
• Treasurer of publicly-traded company
• Investment and divestiture experience in multiple industries

About PEG Ventures, LLC

PEG Ventures, LLC specializes in providing growth capital to businesses seeking to exploit their existing and demonstrable marketplace advantage.   Typically, these businesses are generating revenues between $2 million and $20 million annually and are in need of $500K – $5 million in growth equity to realize their unique potential.

PEG Ventures, LLC seeks investment opportunities in businesses that have a strong successful entrepreneurial leader with a seasoned management team in place that will remain with the business after the investment. The business will have a proven track record of performance and profitability and its on-going business plan must project consistent EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization).   Net profits must be in excess of 12% of revenues within a targeted industry offering opportunity for expansion and/or consolidation.

We do not invest in startups, nor do we expand acquired businesses by introducing products or services that have not demonstrated solid market demand. Rather, we invest in existing operations and provide value, not by seeking to change existing management, but by enhancing both the financial and strategic resources of that business.

After investment, our emphasis is to grow the business through various means that include the following:


Infusing capital in order to expand market share previously unavailable to the entity due to capital restraints


Acquiring other competitor businesses in order in increase market share


Expanding into new geographical areas to increase revenues


Adding synergistic product or service lines to increase the revenue base and decrease costs

Next Phase

Our plan then moves to a phase of consolidating smaller related-industry operations using economies of scale to increase profits by reducing fixed expenses and to provide the strategic benefits of doing business from a larger platform.
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