Our Experience

Our senior management team has worked together for many years carefully refining our financial objectives and management disciplines. This continuity of leadership continues to build our knowledge and speed of response.



Over the years, Private Equity Group has been involved in the acquisition of some of the largest real estate portfolios in Florida. We have completed more than $2 billion in transactional business.



Private Equity Group’s divisions includes PEG Apartments, PEG Development,  PEG Ventures and PEG Wealth Management. Learn more about how our skilled management team take investments to the next level.


Our Track Record

With more than 30 years of investing experience, our partners have an established track record of achieving superior results. Our ability to look at market research and decipher in-depth analyses of demographics, economic conditions and trends provides us with strong insight for making good decisions.

About Us

Private Equity Group is a private equity fund based in Fort Myers, Florida.

The company is the result of a legacy of investments dating back to 1985. The company directs equity investments in land, operating businesses, land development, commercial property and residential master planned communities.

About Us

Recent Transactions

Our primary investment objective is growth of net worth value through the long term capital appreciation of assets and the long term growth of predictable cash flow.